UV Units Work with Water Pumps: Here’s What You Should Care About

UV Units Work with Water Pumps: Here’s What You Should Care About Header Graphic
UV Units Work with Water Pumps: Here’s What You Should Care About

UV Units Work with Water Pumps: Here’s What You Should Care About

Jun 20th 2023

Are you planning to install a UV unit in your house or office space to ensure water health and safety? If so, you are moving in the right direction.

UV lamps installed in a UV unit have been used to disinfect water for a long time. UV light for disinfection ensures water is clean and free from any microorganisms to prevent any water borne diseases. Hence, installing a UV unit at your home or office space will prove to be beneficial.

However, most people use UV units with a water pump. The thinking behind using a water pump is to push a maximum volume of water into the UV unit for disinfection.

But this can also prove to be damaging to the UV unit. Here’s how.

Water pumps can be damaging to the UV unit

UV units contain UV lamps which are enclosed in a quartz sleeve. This sleeve is made of glass. Now when you use a water pump to push water into the UV unit with high pressure, it can break the quartz sleeve.

Once the quartz sleeve is broken, you will know immediately as soon as your UV unit starts beeping, and water will come gushing out of the UV unit.

Now, you don’t want to end up in such a situation. So, what is the solution?

The Solution

First, let us clarify one thing. You can use a water pump with UV units if needed. But to avoid the issue above, you must ensure that you use a water pump compatible with the UV unit.

If you use a water pump that can push more water into the UV unit, the above scenario is bound to happen. Moreover, if you change the flow of the water suddenly, the above scenarios will be repeated.

Experts suggest using a compatible water pump with the UV unit along with maintaining a steady flow. They suggest gradually increasing the water flow until it reaches the maximum running parameters. Similarly, when you are switching off the UV unit, gradually decrease the water flow to avoid any sudden damage to the tube.

Bottom Line

It is okay to use the UV unit with a water pump. However, using the right water pump along with the right water flow is essential to ensure that the quartz sleeve doesn’t break, and water gets disinfected effectively.

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