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Light Spectrum Enterprises Inc manufacture, distribute, and supply customs Ultraviolet Light Bulbs all over the world.  All of our Ultraviolet Lamps are manufactured in state of the art facility.  Our manufacturing plant and production line carries all required certifications which many OEM's worldwide require in order to produce and create UV sterilization systems and devices.  Our state of the art manufacturing production line has the ability to manufacture UV germicidal lamps and ultraviolet light bulbs much faster then any other competitor.  All custom Ultraviolet lamps are manufactured within 2 week lead time on special custom orders.  We are able to manufacture UV lamps with any type of special custom requirements, which include base, electrical parameters, teflon coatings, spliced lamps with dual wavelength capabilities and much more.  We are able to delivery high quality Ultraviolet Lamp products in any type, any length, any size, any wattage in both 254nm and 185nm variations to support the need of various manufacture, OEM's and distributors world wide.  We carry over 1700 unique UV Lamp models by LSE Lighting Brand.  The consumers have ability to purchase replacement UV lamps for their needs and get it within 2 days due to our logistics system within USA, all products are shipped to our consumers, distributors, and manufactures OEMs from our location in Southampton PA USA.  It is no wonder Light Spectrum Enterprises Inc is The Global Light Bulb Supplier!

We have almost every type of UV bulb you could think of on the market: G23 Plug-in, 2G11 Plug-In, HVAC UV Lamps, and E17 Intermediate Screw-In are just some examples. We have Specialty UV lamps for OEM replacements for Trojan, Sterilight, ATS, Gamma, Emperor Aquatics, Wedeco and many others, T5 miniature bi-pin, T5 1pin double ended, T5 2pin double ended, T5 4pin single ended and T5FP 4pin Pentair. Since we are concerned about the planets health we also provide Ozone producing UV bulbs  and also Ozone UV Lamps for Water systems to remove TOC from water.  We carry many UV lamps for water sterilization systems such as Emperor Aquatics, Trojan UV, Sterilight UV systems, and ATS (Aqua Treatment Service). There are many type of UV bulbs, as you can see, with different purposes!

Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc - is a one stop shop when it comes to Ultraviolet Lighting Manufacturing and Distribution. Check out our high-quality UV lights & UVC bulbs available for sale below.

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