UV Lamp Warranty

All UV Lamps produced by Light Spectrum Enterprises Inc carry 1 year - 9,000hr warranty. We stand behind our product and vouch for its reliability, quality and performance. All of our products are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from the high-quality materials and parts, the lamps are made 100% to specs, OEM replacement lamps are made 100% as per OEM spec to ensure compliance and compatibility at all times. Before our lamps leave production, they are tested to ensure lamps are made per spec and pass all quality inspection checks, our manufacturing facility does have ISO 9001 2015 compliance, so all the lamps go thru extended quality control protocols.

UV UV-C Germicidal lamps we produce output ideal peak of 253.7 nanometers (254nm) for L (ozone free) and VH (185nm) for ozone producing lamps. The lamps however, are all made from quartz glass and it is a fragile item, any damage or premature life expectancy falls within our warranty period and therefore will be replaced or refunded as per client’s choice. All of our lamps automatically carry 1 year - 9,000hr warranty once you purchase it. Please keep in mind UV Lamps do not have shelf life if stored in cool-dry place. The life of the lamp starts up usage. Please contact us if you have any questions about the warranty of any of the UV lamps we produce.

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