UV Solutions for Water Treatment

UV Solutions for Water Treatment

OEM UV Solutions for Water Sterilization and Purification Treatment

Water Sterilization and Purification UV Lamps

LSE manufactures all varieties of UV-C lamps used for water sterilization and disinfection treatment. Our lamps are produced for various application types to be used in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and local townships/government municipal establishments. Our lamps are used to sterilize/disinfect water in a wide variety of applications including ponds, pools, sewage, waste management water channels, drinking water, and many more. The lamps designs and outputs vary based on application. We can produce customized UV light bulbs in large quantities for water filters, water purification & sterilization systems.

We also produce quartz sleeves for the UV-C lamps which are required in order to protect the lamp from water exposure. Our production process only utilizes the best quartz material on the market for the sleeves, and depending on the type of UV lamp proper type of glass/quartz/hard glass or soft glass is being used to produce quality products for our clients. We strive to perfect in our water disinfection lamps, its part of our company’s DNA to ensure all UV lamps are made to perfection with quality checks and certifications. Water is an essential aspect of our lives just like Air, we can’t live without it. It's only logical to ensure our product is ideal to help sterilizer and disinfect such an important matter as water.

Water Disinfection Industry Types


Our wide range of UV Lamps for water purification systems for Residential Consumer use.


Our wide range of high out UV lamps are mainly used for commercial applications


Our wide range of Amalgam UV lamps are used for heavy duty industrial application usage


Our wide range of VH (ozone) lamps used in municipal waste/sewage water systems

Your Partner in UV Lighting Solutions for Water

L (Ozone Free 254nm) UV Lamps for Water Sterilization

Ozone Free UV lamps at 254nm wavelength are commonly used in water sterilization systems for drinking and purification water channels. We manufacture and carry replacement UV lamps for nearly every water sterilizer system on the market. Quality of our lamps speaks for itself. All lamps come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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VH (185nm Ozone) L/VH UV Lamps for Water Disinfection

With over 20 years experience in the Ultraviolet UV Germicidal industry, our company became a leader in specialty Ultraviolet Lamp manufacturing. We specialize in manufacturing OEM and replacement ultraviolet lamps, quartz sleeves and consumables for all major brands of ultraviolet air, surface and water sterilization/disinfection/treatment systems. It’s part of our DNA to understand the OEM’s requirements and designs in order to deliver an excellent product.

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