4 Advantages of Maintaining Your UV Unit

4 Advantages of Maintaining Your UV Unit Header Graphic
4 Advantages of Maintaining Your UV Unit

4 Advantages of Maintaining Your UV Unit

Jun 16th 2023

Using UV light for disinfection is essential to get clean water in your home, office, and other commercial and industrial spaces.

Several processes and human health are reliant on having clean water. Hence, having UV equipment with the right UV lamps is critical. However, it is not just about installing the UV unit in your space, it is also about maintaining the unit effectively. This will keep the UV unit in its best shape and working efficiently.

Besides effective working, maintaining a UV unit also has other benefits.

Lesser Issues

When you call an expert for a periodic inspection and maintenance of the UV unit, they will check each component such as the UV lamps, the quartz sleeve, filters, and more. If they find it to be faulty, they can simply replace it with a new one ensuring lesser issues over time.

Increased Productivity

The condition of the UV unit will determine the water quality. If the UV equipment is maintained, the water quality will be high. This ensures you get clean water every time. However, if you don’t service and maintain the UV unit periodically (at least once a year), the ability of the UV unit to disinfect water will reduce, thus reducing productivity.

Hence, make sure to get yearly service and maintenance of the UV unit from a professional to maintain productivity.

Prolong life and reduce costs

Usually, the only parts replaced in the UV unit will be UV lamps and quartz sleeves. So, when it comes to the maintenance of UV units, the professional will look at the life of UV lamps and quartz sleeves.

If they are damaged, they will quickly replace them thus increasing the life of the UV unit. Or if replacement is not needed, they might just clean it for longer use. Both these processes will prolong the life of the UV unit.

Moreover, periodically checking the UV unit for any faults will help reduce the costs for the overall replacement of the whole unit.

Increased peace of mind

When you know your UV unit is maintained and will work properly, it will give you peace of mind that the water will be disinfected properly. This will also provide you with peace of mind that the unit won’t stop abruptly and will run its full course.

Bottom Line

UV units in your house, office space, and commercial and industrial spaces must work in their best condition. This ensures the water is disinfected and ready to use while maintaining health and safety.

At Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc., we offer high-quality UV lamps, quartz sleeves, and other spare parts to maintain your UV unit in the best condition possible. Our OEM services also ensure that our range of UV lamps, quartz sleeves, and more fit the type of UV units you have at your facility.

Contact our sales team now to know more.

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