UV Light for Disinfection: Highly Effective Against Candida Auris

UV Light for Disinfection: Highly Effective Against Candida Auris Header Graphic
UV Light for Disinfection: Highly Effective Against Candida Auris

UV Light for Disinfection: Highly Effective Against Candida Auris

Hospitals are prone to the spread of microorganisms quite quickly due to heavy human traffic, most of whom are diseased or have undergone some medical procedure. Hence, hospitals need to maintain a sterilized environment to ensure health and safety.

Although several microorganisms can spread in a hospital, Candida Auris has the highest possibility of spread. This fungal pathogen spreads quickly and causes severe infections.

Let’s learn more about Candida Auris and how UV light for disinfection can be beneficial to remove this fungal pathogen from hospital spaces.

Candida Auris: A Quick Overview of its Spread

Understanding the nature of Candida Auris and how it spreads can be detrimental in choosing the type of UV light for disinfection. C. Auris is one of the fastest spreading pathogens in hospitals and is known to cause severe infection of the blood, brain, and heart.

This fungal pathogen can stay alive and thrive on surfaces in hospital settings which includes tables, work benches, furniture, medical equipment, and more. Here’s why Candida Auris can become serious in hospitals:

  1. Candida Auris is a multi-drug resistant fungal pathogen. It is highly resistant to anti-fungal medicines that are commonly used to treat Candida infections.
  2. Identifying C. Auris using regular laboratory testing is difficult. It will need a specialized methodology for identification. If certain medical laboratories don’t consist of such advanced identification methods, it can lead to wrong identification and poor management after an outbreak.
  3. If the hospital is treating a patient with Candida infections, it is important to monitor it closely to avoid a rapid spread of the infection.

UV Light for Disinfection Against C. Auris

Amongst all the possible ways to disinfect C. Auris, UV light for disinfection has been proven to be highly effective. The UV light of a wavelength of 200-280 nm has germicidal effects and is effective at deactivating the DNA and RNA of microorganisms including Candida Auris.

Several studies have been conducted to test the efficacy of UV light for disinfection. A notable study published by Theun de Groot and his team in 2019 (https://doi.org/10.1111%2Fmyc.12903) and highlighted by the National Institute of Health shows that UV light is highly effective to disinfect C. Auris on surfaces.

However, the study suggested that the efficacy of UV light for disinfection depends on the concentration of C. Auris and the time and distance of UVC exposure.

But the study strongly suggests that UV light is an effective method to disinfect C. Auris, especially in healthcare environments.

Where to Install UV Lamps in Hospitals?

UV lamps can be installed in different areas in the hospital for surface sterilization of Candida Auris. Here’s where UV lamps can be installed.

  1. Hospital rooms
  2. Operating theatres
  3. Medical equipment
  4. High touch surfaces such as tables, door handles, and bed rails

Healthcare facilities must conduct regular cycles of UV light for disinfection to ensure efficient surface sterilization to reduce the chances of Candida Auris outbreak.

Bottom Line

Candida Auris is a deadly fungal pathogen that can spread quickly in healthcare facilities. Since it is multi-drug resistant and causes severe infection of the brain, blood, and heart, it is highly essential to manage the spread of C. Auris infection.

UV light for disinfection has been identified as highly effective to reduce the spread of C. Auris. And we at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. can help in this initiative. We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality UV lamps and accessories for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal spaces.

We have previously supplied our UV lamps to healthcare facilities to ensure sufficient air water and surface sterilization to maintain health and safety at the premises.

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