5 Ways UV Light for Disinfection is Beneficial in Hospitality Industry

5 Ways UV Light for Disinfection is Beneficial in Hospitality Industry Header Graphic
5 Ways UV Light for Disinfection is Beneficial in Hospitality Industry

5 Ways UV Light for Disinfection is Beneficial in Hospitality Industry

Apr 28th 2023

The pandemic has increased people’s awareness regarding cleanliness and disinfection. And it has affected the way several businesses operate and provide their products and services to their target customers.

This also includes the hospitality industry. Whether it is a hotel, luxury vacation rental or an Airbnb, owners of these places must ensure adequate hygiene to maintain the safety and health of their customers.

UV Light for Hospitality Industry

Using UV light for disinfection in combination with regular cleaning can help ensure the different types of accommodation are clean and hygienic. Here’s how UV light for disinfection can be a game changer for the hospitality industry.

Ensure Food Safety

Installing UV lamps in the hotel kitchens ensures that there is less build-up of grease, odors, bacteria, viral particles, and other contaminants. This ensures the food is safe to consume by the guests in the hotel.

This also includes sanitizing different surfaces in the kitchen such as the cooking utensils, cutting boards, knives, cooking platforms, and more.

By making sure the food is prepared under sanitized and hygienic conditions, the chances of guests falling sick will lower.

Germ-Free Television Remotes and Telephone Sets

You might already know that television remotes and telephone sets are hosts to several germs and bacteria. And surface cleaning doesn’t clean these items effectively. Most bacteria become resistant to cleaning chemicals and evolve.

However, using a UV light for disinfection can give positive results. UV light penetrates each bacterial cell and alter the DNA resulting in the subsequent death of the bacteria or viral particles. All you need to do is keep the television remotes and telephone sets in the path of UV light for disinfection. This will disinfect these items and be ready to use by your next guest.

Fresh and Clean Pillows and Blankets

Another critical element used in the hospitality industry is pillows and blankets. This is crucial to ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay for the guests. However, no one likes dirty pillows and blankets.

Since these items are bulky, washing them in every wash cycle after the guests leave might not be possible. However, providing cleaning pillows and blankets is important for the hospitality industry. Hence, you must use UV light for disinfection. Passing the pillows and blankets through UV light will ensure there are no germs or any other contaminants that might make your guests sick. Ensure that the UV light wand is kept close to the blankets and pillows while screening them to disinfect them.

UV light

Hygiene at Fitness Facilities and Gyms

Fitness facilities and gyms are a huge part of the hospitality industry. And these spaces also harbor several germs and bacteria that can cause allergies and other health effects on exposure.

Your guests will use these facilities to ensure their health. However, you don’t want them to get sick. Therefore, using UV light for disinfection in these spaces will help you get rid of harmful bacteria and germs to provide a hygienic gym and fitness facility.

Moreover, gyms have an obnoxious stench that can be unpleasant and suffocating. UV light can remove these odors and provide a clean breathing environment too.

Cost-Effective and Profitable

This is a major misconception about UV lamps that they are an expensive investment. However, they are cost-effective in the long run as compared to cleaning liquids, wipes, and other surface cleaning chemicals.

Moreover, when potential guests know you are using a UV light for disinfection of the hotel space and other elements, they will be more inclined to stay, increasing your revenue.

Bottom Line

Using UV light for disinfection in the hospitality industry can drastically change the response of potential guests. It can increase the possibility of a greater number of guests staying at the hotel.

If you want to install UV lamps in the hotel kitchen, gyms, fitness facilities and more such spaces, contact us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. We are a leading manufacturer of UV lamps for providing efficient disinfection to surface, air, and water.

Contact our sales team now to find out more.

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