UV Lamps: A Critical Part of the Desalination Process

UV Lamps: A Critical Part of the Desalination Process Header Graphic
UV Lamps: A Critical Part of the Desalination Process

UV Lamps: A Critical Part of the Desalination Process

Jun 26th 2023

Water scarcity is a burning issue all around the world. With the reduction in groundwater levels, the lack of clean drinking water has increased. Several deprived areas around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water, affecting their health over time. Hence, finding ways to provide safe drinking water is essential.

Desalination is a popular process used to provide drinking water for consumption. In this process, seawater or salinated water is treated to remove excess salts and minerals to enhance the water quality. The process involves using UV lamps.

As you might already know that UV lamps have gained rapid popularity in the past few years. Although they were used to disinfect surface, air, and water, they have found other applications too, namely used in the desalination process.

Here are a few things to know about using UV lamps in the desalination process.

At what stage is a UV lamp for water treatment used?

In the desalination process, UV lamps are used in the last stage of the whole process.

How does the UV lamp for water treatment used in the desalination process?

UV light is mainly used to reduce the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in the water. Here’s how UV light for disinfection acts on reducing the TOC.

  1. Water passes through the UV light where the UV wavelength breaks down the water molecules.
  2. The free molecules combine with the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) to form carbon dioxide and water molecules.
  3. This automatically reduces the number of Total Organic Carbon in the water making the water safe for consumption.

UV lamps aren’t the only technology used for desalination of water. There are several other technologies used to desalinate the water such as reverse osmosis, distillation, solar desalination, and more.

Combining several desalination technologies ensures water is treated effectively and is ready to be consumed or reused for any other purpose.

Bottom Line

Desalinating sea/salt water ensures that water is reused or consumed for drinking safely. This can help in combating the shortage of water around the world. UV lamps are a critical element of desalination reducing the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) essential to make water drinkable.

If your industrial unit is aiming to produce drinkable water or reuse water, make sure to install a desalination process including UV lamps from us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc.

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