Does UV Light for Disinfection Change the Water in Any Way?

Does UV Light for Disinfection Change the Water in Any Way? Header Graphic
Does UV Light for Disinfection Change the Water in Any Way?

Does UV Light for Disinfection Change the Water in Any Way?

Jun 22nd 2023

UV lamps are prominently used in water treatment systems. In industries, UV lamps are used to treat wastewater for recycling and reuse. However, in residential spaces, homeowners use UV lamps for treating drinking water. 

Treating drinking water ensures your family and loved ones get safe water to drink while maintaining their health and safety.

However, several homeowners have a big question when it comes to using UV lamps for water treatment.

If I use UV lamps to treat water, will it change the water in any way?

To answer this question, we have considered different qualities of regular drinking water to give an accurate answer.


Your regular water is technically colorless. And it will stay the same even after being treated with UV light for disinfection.

Fun Fact: Several beverage industries use UV light for disinfection of water before adding it to the different beverage products. It doesn’t change the color of beverage at all.


Clean water will never have any unpleasant odor. However, if the water is unclean, treating it with UV lamps will remove any unpleasant odors making it easy to drink.

Mineral and Salt Content

UV lamps don’t remove any mineral and salt content from your water. So, if it already has some kind of salt, it will remain as such even after treating it with UV light for disinfection.

To remove any mineral and salt content, you need to use water filters separately.

Bacteria or Viral Particles

Now, here’s where UV lamps will act at their best capacity. UV lamps are meant to kill bacteria, viral particles and other microorganisms that potentially harm humans and cause several diseases.

Although some diseases will be cured with minimal medications, some can turn fatal. Hence, using UV lamps for treating water is essential. It will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viral particles ensuring water is safe to drink and will maintain health.

So, in simpler words, treating water with UV light for disinfection won’t change anything about your water except killing the bacteria, viral particles, and other harmful microorganisms along with any unpleasant odors.

And the best part! Using UV light for disinfection eliminates the possibility of overdose unlike other chemical sanitizers like Chlorine.

Chemical sanitizers have a risk of overdosing the water and it may result in dire consequences. With UV light for disinfection, there is no risk of overdose as you can never kill too many bacteria. Once the water leaves the UV system, the exposure is nil thus posing no side effects.

Bottom Line

Using UV light for disinfection has no effect on water, its quality and other features. There is no possibility of overdosing on the water thus posing no aftereffects. UV light will only kill bacteria and other microorganisms ensuring water safety.

If you want to install UV lamps in your residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, get in touch with us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. Our broad range of UV lamps and fixtures will ensure you get effective water purification.

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