Reduce the Risk of Legionella Using UV Lamps

Reduce the Risk of Legionella Using UV Lamps Header Graphic
Reduce the Risk of Legionella Using UV Lamps

Reduce the Risk of Legionella Using UV Lamps

Jun 30th 2023

The use of UV lamps has drastically increased in the past few years, especially after the pandemic. With an effective and affordable way to disinfect spaces, UV lamps can kill up to 99.9 % of bacteria, viral particles, and more.

One such bacteria that can be effectively killed using UV lamps is the Legionella bacteria. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the fine details of this bacteria, where it is found, and how UV lamps can be beneficial in getting rid of them.

Legionella: A Brief Overview

This gram-negative bacterium is pathogenic and causes Legionellosis (pneumonia-like disease). It has about 50 species along with 70 serogroups.

It is not a common bacterium. However, in the right conditions, Legionella can multiply and grow in number. And if someone comes in contact with this bacterium, they will suffer from legionellosis. Coming in contact with Legionella can cause two types of symptoms:

  • Pneumonia-like symptoms also known as Legionnaire’s disease
  • Flu-like fever called Pontiac fever

General symptoms include high temperature, cough, fever, headaches, muscular pain, diarrhea, pneumonia, mental confusion and more. If you have recently come in contact with contaminated water from any of the sources mentioned below, please contact a medical health professional.

Sources of Contraction

Legionella is found in water sources: natural and man-made. Natural sources like lakes, rivers, and waterfalls are the source of this bacterium. Whereas man-made sources include pools/spas, cooling towers, hot and cold water systems, and more.

Legionella spreads by drinking contaminated water and by inhaling fine droplets of contaminated water.

Conditions for Legionella Growth

As mentioned above, Legionella is not a common bacterium but in the right condition, it can grow and multiply enough to cause disease. Here are the favorable conditions for growth:

  • The temperature must be between 20-40°C.
  • Droplets of water must be created making it easy to disperse and breathe (water outlets or cooling towers)
  • Recirculation of stored water along with several other factors such as sludge, rust, organic matter, scale, and more.

Use UV Lamps to Ensure no Bacterium Growth

To ensure water is safe to consume, measures should be in place to decontaminate it. One way to achieve this is by using UV lamps.


In locations such as nursing homes, hospitals, or buildings where warm water is used, installing UV lamps can ensure the water is treated before it is used by individuals. UV light for disinfection must be installed in wastewater treatment plants or anywhere you have recirculation of water.

Since UV lamps are cost-effective, chemical-free, environmentally friendly and with no other side effects, installing them to decontaminate drinking water and water for other uses will be highly beneficial.

Bottom Line

Although Legionella risk is low, it is highly probable. Hence, taking measures to reduce the risk of Legionella is essential. UV lamps at water sources can help reduce the chances of Legionella contamination and infection.

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