Learn The Direct Exposure Time for UV Light to Disinfect Cleanrooms

Learn The Direct Exposure Time for UV Light to Disinfect Cleanrooms Header Graphic
Learn The Direct Exposure Time for UV Light to Disinfect Cleanrooms

Learn The Direct Exposure Time for UV Light to Disinfect Cleanrooms

Jun 2nd 2023

UV lamps are heavily used in industrial environments. They are a critical component of pharmaceutical industries, electronic manufacturing units, and medical equipment. In these facilities, UV lamps are installed in cleanrooms.

Cleanrooms are specialized rooms built to create a dust-free and contaminant-free zone. This helps in creating a clean environment for accurate manufacturing and products of products such as electronic devices, pharmaceutical products, and more.

Now, if you have just entered the world of manufacturing or are newly appointed in charge of a cleanroom in the facility, you must take care of installing and switching on/off the UV lamps.

Here’s what you should know about how long it takes to switch on/off UV lamps in cleanrooms.

When should UV lamps switch on in cleanrooms?

There are certain situations when UV lamps must be switched on in the cleanrooms to ensure a dust-free environment gradually. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Before manufacturing begins
  2. After completion of the work
  3. After the space has been initially cleaned with surface cleaners
  4. If the cleanroom doesn’t meet cleaning requirements, UV lamps must be switched on

How long should UV lamps be switched on in cleanrooms aka the direct time of exposure?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might want it to be.

The UV direct exposure time will depend on the application. Also, it will depend on how large and dirty the cleanroom is. Moreover, there is no legal guideline on direct exposure time for cleanrooms. Here’s what a UV lamp's direct exposure time can look like for different industrial applications.

  1. In pharmaceutical applications, 20 minutes is the direct exposure time to disinfect the powder tablet machine. However, for capsules, it is 2-3 hours.
  2. Cleanrooms at levels C and D need about 30 minutes of direct exposure to UV light for disinfection.
  3. Before production, the workshop must have a direct exposure time of more than 30 minutes of UV light for disinfection. Once the production is complete, the cleanroom must be irradiated with UV light for 20 minutes.
  4. In the level D cleanroom, the UV germicidal lamp must be switched on for 20 minutes for effective sterilization.

These are just a few examples of direct exposure time to UV light for disinfection in cleanrooms.

To ensure you use UV light for disinfection with the correct exposure time, you need to determine the actual disinfection effect of UV light in real-time.

Bottom Line

UV lamps are used in several different industries such as pharmaceutical, electronic manufacturing units, and more. And cleanrooms in these industries are the main site of UV lamp installation.

We at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. work closely with several clients from different industries to provide high-quality UV lamps. We also provide UV lamps for residential, commercial, and municipal spaces. We provide OEM manufacturing of UV lamps.

Contact our sales team now to find out more.

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