9 Reasons Why You Should Use UV Lamps for Water Disinfection

9 Reasons Why You Should Use UV Lamps for Water Disinfection Header Graphic
9 Reasons Why You Should Use UV Lamps for Water Disinfection

9 Reasons Why You Should Use UV Lamps for Water Disinfection

Jul 10th 2023

Water disinfection is essential to ensure you always have safe drinking water. And to achieve this, there are different water disinfection methods available. For example, several people use chlorine as a water disinfectant.

However, chlorine might not be so effective for a long duration and may have some other side effects on consumption. Hence, using UV water filters with high-quality UV lamps can be highly beneficial.

Here are 9 reasons why UV filters can be a better alternative to conventional water disinfection systems.

1. UV filters with robust UV lamps are highly reliable as they work 24/7 to disinfect the water. This ensures the water is free from bacteria, viral particles, and other contaminants and is ready to be consumed at any time.

2. As compared to other water disinfection methods such as boiling, UV filters offer an energy-efficient water disinfection method. Unlike boiling, you don’t lose any water in the form of vapor thus preserving the original water content at least expense of energy.

3. If you are looking for chemical-free water treatment, UV filters are the best alternative. They don’t use any chemicals to disinfect water, instead, it uses UV germicidal wavelength. This is only physical disinfection rather than adding something to the water for purification.

4. Using UV filters with UV lamps offers you a user-friendly and cost-effective water disinfection method. Once the UV filter is installed, the user doesn’t have to do much except maintain it in the best condition.

5. When it comes to user safety, UV filters with adequate UV lamps are highly safe to use. Since there is no addition of chemicals or any other such components, it is safe for use even for a novice.

6. Compared to water filters with filtration candles, UV filters don’t come with any other filtration components. Hence, you don’t have to dispose of any extra components or clean any dirty filters. Just fix the UV filter and go about your life while it disinfects your drinking water.

7. When it comes to FDA approval, using UV filters for water disinfection is approved by the organization. It is one of the only 4 water disinfection methods approved by the FDA. 

8. Since UV filters don’t use any chemicals, they are environmentally friendly. They don’t produce any toxic products and thus don’t affect the flora and fauna around them.

9. UV filters with UV lamps are heavily used in industrial spaces such as wastewater treatment plants, the food and beverage industry, the hospitality industry, and more. In these industries, UV filters will remove any chlorine thus improving the taste of the water.

Bottom Line

When it comes to water disinfection, using UV filters with UV lamps is highly beneficial due to several reasons. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial space, UV filters ensure the water is disinfected and ready to be consumed.

If you are looking to add UV filters to your water disinfection routine, get in touch with us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. We are an industry leader in manufacturing UV lamps for water disinfection along with surface and air sterilization. We work closely with several industries to provide high-quality UV lamps. We also offer products to residential and commercial clients.

Contact us to find out more about our UV lamp range.

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