NLR1825WS Equivalent UV Bulb for DLR1 DLR1A AQ37085

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Description of NLR1825WS Equivalent UV Bulb for DLR1 DLR1A AQ37085

Brand: LSE Lighting
Wattage: 16.5W
UV Emit Operates: Spectral range of 254nm.
Warranty: 2year [recommend to replace every 12month]
Length: 13" (325mm)
Glass Type: Hard Quartz Glass Tube
SuperLIFE Effective Hours Rating: 12,000hrs
*Cross Reference Model # NLR1825W for compatibility purposes only*

This UV replacement lamp by (LSE Lighting) brand is 100% compatible for use with Wedeco DLR1 DLR1A AQ37085.

All UV lamps listed are compatible (LSE Lighting) brand products. We do not sell Wedeco brand lamps. All Wedeco brand names, trademarks and logos are property of Wedeco .



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