Why Using UV Lamps in Aseptic Processing of Beverages is Advantageous?

Why Using UV Lamps in Aseptic Processing of Beverages is Advantageous? Header Graphic
Why Using UV Lamps in Aseptic Processing of Beverages is Advantageous?

Why Using UV Lamps in Aseptic Processing of Beverages is Advantageous?

Jun 8th 2023

UV lamps have found applications in several commercial and industrial spaces. Initially used for disinfection in medical spaces and laboratories, UV lamps have now found their application in the food packaging industry too.

UV lamps are specifically used in packaging beverages that are sensitive to microbial growth. This process is also known as aseptic processing.

But how do UV lamps fit in the aseptic processing of beverages?

Let’s find out!

Aseptic Processing: A Quick Overview

In aseptic processing, there are two components:

1. The beverage to be packaged is sterilized by heating it at ultra-high temperature and cooling it down to ambient temperature.

2. The containers in which the beverage has to be packaged are separately sterilized and disinfected.

Both components are sterilized, and only then final packaging is done. This ensures the packaged beverage doesn’t need reheating or refrigeration to maintain sterility. Several companies use this process as an alternative to the traditional canning process of food products.

How does UV light for disinfection fit in Aseptic Processing?

Although there are different methods of sterilization such as irradiation, chemical treatments, and heat, UV light for disinfection has major benefits over these methods.

When carrying out aseptic processing, UV lamps are used to sterilize the product, the packaging material, and the entire processing area and unit.

As compared to other methods of sterilization, UV light for disinfection has got advantages.

1. UV light is more effective in sterilizing the product and packaging material.

2. UV light doesn’t change the color, odors, taste, or appearance of the beverage, unlike heat or chemical treatments which affect the product quality.

3. Beverages are sensitive to microbial contamination, especially coli and salmonella bacterial contamination. UV light for disinfection actively kills such bacteria and prevents contamination in the product maintaining the quality.

4. The use of UV light for disinfection is a fast, simple, and reliable process without compromising the quality of beverage and packaging materials.

5. UV light for disinfection and sterilization is environmentally friendly as opposed to chemical treatments. This ensures brands can comply with the environmental requirements and regulations in the region.

Bottom Line

UV lamps can be actively used in the food processing and beverage industry to ensure aseptic processing of the product and packaging, including the operations area.

At Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc., we are proud to partner with clients from different industrial sectors, including the food processing and beverage industry. We can provide OEM manufacturing of UV lamps for our clients, ensuring their key requirements are fulfilled.

Whether you want to sterilize water, air, surface, or other materials, our range of UV lamps can be a great choice.

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