Why is UV Ballast Water Management Important?

Why is UV Ballast Water Management Important? Header Graphic
Why is UV Ballast Water Management Important?

Why is UV Ballast Water Management Important?

The shipping industry has been thriving with an increased number of cargo transportation amongst different countries. However, the shipping industry has also contributed to environmental pollution. And we are not talking about oil spills, which definitely is a critical issue to discuss. But instead, we are talking about the contamination of ocean water at different ports by releasing ballast water to take on more cargo.

Using UV lamps to treat ballast water can help reduce the contamination of ocean water. Let’s see how that works.

Ballast Water: What does it mean?

Ships need to maintain their overall weight to avoid sinking. That’s where ballast water comes into play. Ships store large amounts of water in ballast tanks in specific locations around the ship to maintain their weight while loading and unloading cargo at the ports.

Ballast Water: What is the Environmental Problem?

Now, when we say that ships pick up or release ocean water at ports depending on the cargo weight, you would think how that would cause an environmental problem. It is just ocean water!

But let us tell you that ocean water contains a host of marine microorganisms and marine life. And when ships pick the ocean water, they also take up these marine microorganisms and marine life. Now, when the ships reach a port where they need to release this ocean water to take up more cargo weight is when the actual problem starts.

Marine life and microorganisms in oceans are different geographically. One microorganism which is found in say, the Pacific Ocean, will be different than the ones found in say, the Indian Ocean. Releasing new and unknown marine life and microorganisms in a habitat where they have no natural predators can be detrimental to the local marine life and microorganisms. And hence, releasing untreated ballast water in different ports located in different regions of the world can affect the overall wildlife balance.

Marine life and microorganisms present in ballast water include the likes of toxic algae, bacteria responsible for cholera, mussels, jellyfish, and several microscopic viruses, parasites, and more.

UV Ballast Water Management is the Solution

The solution to this issue is treating the ballast water with UV light for disinfection.

UV germicidal light is known to eliminate a host of microorganisms and microscopic organisms. Using UV light for disinfection of ballast water is approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and US Coast Guard.

Using UV ballast water management offers several advantages to shipowners, shipmasters, and shipment agencies.

  1. Using UV lamps for disinfection is simple, effective, and requires low maintenance.
  2. UV lamp for water treatment provides a chemical-free and environmentally friendly method to disinfect ballast water.
  3. It is an efficient, fast, and economical technology.
  4. When using UV lamps, you don’t need to transport or store dangerous chemicals on board the ship.

Installing UV lamps on ships for ballast water disinfection will ensure that ships don’t release unwanted microorganisms and marine life in different geographical regions. This helps in maintaining the local wildlife balance and helps protect the health of the crew on board the ship.

Bottom Line

UV ballast water management can be a game-changer for the shipping industry and help them contribute towards environmental protection. UV light for disinfection will ensure the ballast water is not contaminated and thus doesn’t contaminate the local ocean water of ports.

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