UV Lamps Used in Food Industry for Effective Food Sterilization

UV Lamps Used in Food Industry for Effective Food Sterilization Header Graphic
UV Lamps Used in Food Industry for Effective Food Sterilization

UV Lamps Used in Food Industry for Effective Food Sterilization

Mar 10th 2023

Do you buy packaged food items from the market? Or maybe you go to the restaurant? 

In any case, maintaining the quality of food is essential for the food industry to grow and provide high-quality and hygienic products to their customers. 

Whether you are a part of the food industry or just a customer, knowing how the food industry maintains the hygiene of food products from raw materials to the final product in the departmental store will help you make the right buying decisions.

Food Sterilization Using UV Lamps

Food Sterilization Using UV Lamps 

One of the ways the food industry maintains the quality and hygiene of food products is by using  UV lamps, also called food irradiation. Don’t worry! Despite the term irradiation, it has nothing to do with actual radiation or radioactivity. 

Instead, using UV lamps for food sterilization is fairly simple. Food facilities install UV lamps that produce UVC light (100-280nm). 

UVC wavelength of 254 nm is typically used to get the sterilizing effects. Exposure to UVC light kills all bacteria and viruses during the production line ensuring decontaminated products reach the customers. 

Areas Where UV Lamps are Used in Food Industry 

Based on the type of food products produced, the food company can use UV lamps in different areas for sterilization. For example, 

Water sterilization 

Most beverage and food processing industries use high amounts of water to produce their products. They either have a product containing large amounts of water such as soft drinks, juices, and more, or add water to their products. In any case, the water used must be sterilized and free from any harmful organisms. 

This is where UV lamps come into play. UV lamps will help in effective water sterilization to kill bacteria, viruses, and any other harmful microorganisms before the water is added to the product. 

So, when you buy a soft drink from a reputed company, you are getting a hygienic product. 

Kitchen Hood Exhaust 

UV lamps are installed in the kitchen hood exhaust to combat the grease buildup. This is especially done in commercial kitchens as they constantly cook something up producing a lot of greases. 

This grease can build up in the kitchen hood exhaust causing a blockage. To avoid this, UV lamps are installed in it. The UVC light breaks down grease into smaller organic compounds easy to remove the exhaust and reduce the grease buildup.

Restaurant Sterilization

Restaurant Sterilization 

Using UV lamps for restaurant sterilization is an FDA-approved way to ensure food decontamination and clean surfaces. 

Several restaurants use UV lamps to sterilize their food storage areas, utensils used to cook the food, cutlery, and more, This ensures customers get a completely hygienic environment in the restaurant along with good food and ambiance. 

Sterilizing raw materials 

Several food industries that manufacture packaged food products use UV lamps to sterilize the raw materials and all the equipment used to prepare the food product. 

This increases the shelf-life of the food product starting from the end of the production line to your house. 

As you can see, UV lamps are used in different areas of the food industry to ensure quality food standards. If you are interested in installing UV lamps in your food manufacturing facility or restaurants or commercial kitchens, get in touch with us at  Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc

We provide OEM services to our clients to ensure their UV sterilization needs are fulfilled effectively. Our wide range of UV lamps is meant for surface, air, and water sterilization. 

Get in touch with us now to know more.

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