UV Lamps in Medical Industry: Sterilization and Phototherapy Treatments

UV Lamps in Medical Industry: Sterilization and Phototherapy Treatments Header Graphic
UV Lamps in Medical Industry: Sterilization and Phototherapy Treatments

UV Lamps in Medical Industry: Sterilization and Phototherapy Treatments

Mar 20th 2023

UV lamps have several benefits in the medical industry. Apart from using a UV light for disinfection and sterilization, UV lamps are also used in the treatment of several medical conditions.

UV Lamps Used in Medical Industry

UV Lamps Used in Medical Industry

Manufacturers and designers producing UV lamps for the medical industry offer the following types of UV lamps.

UVC lamps: These lamps emit a wavelength of 254 nm. These UV lamps are used for disinfection and sterilization of medical spaces, surfaces, air, and water.

Ozone UV lamps: These lamps emit a wavelength of 185 nm. These are also meant for sterilization and disinfection of spaces.

UVA and UVB lamps: These lamps emit UVA (320-400 nm) and UVB (280-320 nm) wavelengths. These UV lamps are used in phototherapy treatments in the medical industry.

UV Lamps Applications in Medical Industry

Sterilization and Germicidal Applications

UV lamps have been used for the sterilization of hospital spaces, doctor’s offices, patient rooms, and more. Usually, UV lamps are attached to the HVAC system of the medical space to ensure air sterilization.

UV lamps are also used in sterilizing the water supply in medical institutes to ensure no contamination occurs. Medical spaces also use UV lamps to sterilize surfaces, equipment, tools, PPE kits, and more.

Using UV lamps in medical spaces for sterilization ensures there is no spread of disease and infectious particles.

Phototherapy Treatments

UV lamps used in phototherapy treatments are specially designed to emit UVA and UVB wavelengths along with narrowband UVB wavelengths. UV lamps are used in the following phototherapy treatments:

1. Acne Treatments: UV lamps are used to treat the symptoms of acne vulgaris. Blue light and red light are used in combination to provide acne treatments. 415nm (blue light) and 600-700 nm (red light) are used during the session.

2. Eczema treatments: More than 30 million Americans suffer from eczema. It can be from mild to severe and using UV lamps have proven to be an effective treatment against eczema outbreaks. Treatments make use of UVA, UVB, and narrowband UVB lamps.

Sterilization and Germicidal Applications

3. Psoriasis treatments: UV lamps in phototherapy are used in treating psoriasis. This is done in combination with topical ointments and other medications. UV phototherapy has been shown highly effective in treating severe psoriasis.

4. Manage Vitiligo: Being an autoimmune condition where pigment-making cells are destroyed in the body causing light patches, UVB phototherapy can be highly effective in generating pigment in the skin. This is also used in combination with other required medications.

5. Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): It has been proven that exposure to sunlight can help people manage SAD. If it is difficult to get natural sunlight, UV lamps can be used to stimulate endorphins in the body to help manage SAD effectively.

Bottom Line

UV lamps are highly useful in the medical industry. Sterilization, disinfection, and phototherapy are some of the popular applications of UV lamps in the medical industry.

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