UV Lamps Application in Phototherapy to Manage Depression

UV Lamps Application in Phototherapy to Manage Depression Header Graphic
UV Lamps Application in Phototherapy to Manage Depression

UV Lamps Application in Phototherapy to Manage Depression

Apr 14th 2023

UV lamps have several applications in different industries. Apart from being used for air, water, and surface sterilization, UV lamps also have applications in the medical field to treat certain health conditions.

We have mentioned previously in our blogs about using UV lamps to provide phototherapy treatments and treat conditions like psoriasis, eczema, seasonal and non-seasonal depression, and more.

UV Lamps to Manage Depression

In this blog, let’s focus on why someone would prefer using UV lamps phototherapy for managing seasonal and non-seasonal depression.

How will phototherapy be beneficial in treating seasonal and non-seasonal depression?

Please Note: Phototherapy using UV lamps isn’t used as a singular method of treatment. It would be best when used in combination with anti-depressants or counseling under the guidance of a certified medical professional.

When you use phototherapy, you will be exposed to UV light for a set period. The UV lamps used in phototherapy emit a specific wavelength approved by the medical associations after thorough research.

Exposure to this artificial UV light offers a similar effect as being exposed to natural light. It boosts the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a natural anti-depressant and critical to maintaining mood and energy in your body. Also, serotonin along with melatonin is important to maintain the circadian rhythm which is important for better mental health.

The increase in serotonin after phototherapy using UV lamps will help reduce the effects of seasonal and non-seasonal depression. Again, make sure you use phototherapy under the guidance of a certified medical professional.

Who might consider phototherapy as a treatment route?

Although phototherapy can be used by anyone struggling to manage seasonal and non-seasonal depression. The treatment method can be specifically preferred by the following:

  1. As mentioned above, phototherapy using UV lamps is used in combination with anti-depressants to improve the efficiency of the overall treatment.
  2. Nursing mothers and pregnant women can use phototherapy using UV lamps, since they need to avoid certain anti-depressants.
  3. Phototherapy using UV lamps is also used in combination with counseling. It has been shown to improve the efficiency of counseling sessions.
  4. Using phototherapy might also decrease the need for using prescription anti-depressants giving relief from side effects caused by these medications.
  5. Phototherapy is a safe treatment method. It doesn’t have less to no side effects making it a better method of treatment.

UV Light

Recognized by American Psychological Association

Phototherapy using UV lamps has been recognized and approved by the American Psychological Association as a possible method of treatment for seasonal and non-seasonal depression.

When phototherapy is used to treat seasonal depression, it has been shown to improve the condition in about 50% of patients. Taking it a step further, if phototherapy sessions are customized according to the individual sleep and wake cycle, it has improved the condition in about 80% of patients.

Just a 30-minute exposure to UV light can improve seasonal and non-seasonal depression effectively.

Bottom Line

UV lamps find application beyond just sterilization of air, water, and surface. These lamps are effectively integrated in the medical industry to treat conditions like seasonal and non-seasonal depression.

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