UV Germicidal Lamp Vs Tanning Beds: The Difference of Wavelength!

UV Germicidal Lamp Vs Tanning Beds: The Difference of Wavelength! Header Graphic
UV Germicidal Lamp Vs Tanning Beds: The Difference of Wavelength!

UV Germicidal Lamp Vs Tanning Beds: The Difference of Wavelength!

Apr 24th 2023

Summertime is around the corner. And now is the time you will find tanning bed malls filled with people who want to get that perfect sun tan.

Tanning beds utilize UV lamps to provide you with exceptional sun tan services. But do you think tanning bed malls use UV-C light?

If you do, you are WRONG!

UV Lamps

There are different types of UV lights based on their wavelength. And that’s what differentiates their applications. Whether it is tanning beds or disinfection in industries and hospitals, using UV lamps with the right wavelength is critical to get the desired outcome while maintaining the safety of individuals and pets.

So, which types of UV light wavelength are used in tanning beds?

It is UV-A light wavelength! This is a longer wavelength and is also emitted naturally by the sun. UV-A light isn’t absorbed by the ozone layer and thus reaches the earth’s surface.

Tanning beds utilize UV-A to penetrate the second layer of the skin to provide you with the desired orange glow. The longer you sit in the UV-A light, the darker your skin gets. Although UV-A light offers you the required skin tan, it is also responsible for wrinkling and aging. Hence, it is essential to ensure you don’t sit way too long in a tanning bed.

UV-A light can’t be used for disinfection. It can’t remove any bacteria or viruses.

Hence, when it comes to disinfection, people use a UV-C germicidal lamp.

Why UV-C germicidal lamp?

UV-C wavelength is a short wavelength. This light doesn’t reach the earth’s surface as it is absorbed by the ozone layer. Hence, a UV germicidal lamp is the only way you can get UV-C wavelength.

UV germicidal lamp is used for the disinfection of surface, air, and water. This wavelength is effective in killing different types of bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and any other contaminants. Exposure to UV-C light can cause severe health defects. And hence, you can’t use a UV germicidal lamp in a tanning bed.

UV Light

Bottom Line

Different UV lamps are available in the market emitting different wavelengths. Based on your applications, it is important to research the type of UV wavelength you need to buy the right UV lamps for your facility.

If you want to use UV light for disinfection, you can buy UV germicidal lamps from us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. We provide UV lamps for disinfection for air, water, and surface disinfection. You can use our range of UV lamps in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Contact our team now to find out more. 

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