Treat Industrial Wastewater with UV Lamps

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Treat Industrial Wastewater with UV Lamps

Treat Industrial Wastewater with UV Lamps

Jun 13th 2023

Industrial wastewater and its mitigation are one of the major struggles for several industries. Despite strict environmental regulations, several industrial establishments dispose the industrial wastewater into freshwater sources such as nearby rivers, streams, and lakes. This results in water pollution and death of local flora and fauna in the water.

Hence, it is essential for industries to treat the wastewater effectively before releasing it out or reusing it for other industrial purposes.

One of the ways to treat industrial wastewater is to install UV units in the treatment facility. UV lamps have been known to generate UV-C germicidal wavelengths which are effective against a host of harmful bacteria and viral particles commonly found in wastewater.

UV lights treat water effectively

You might not know this but there are more than 100,000 – 1 million microorganisms in 1 ml of wastewater. Although a few numbers of bacteria are beneficial, most bacteria present in wastewater are harmful and known to cause different diseases in humans and animals.

UV light for disinfection helps in making these harmful bacteria harmless. The UV-C germicidal wavelength attacks the DNA/RNA of the bacterial cells. This makes the genetic material cease production. The bacteria can’t reproduce as the genetic material can’t reproduce eventually rendering them to be harmless.

Benefits of using UV light for disinfection of wastewater

  1. Using UV light for disinfection of wastewater is safe for the environment and humans.
  2. UV light for disinfection of water doesn’t affect the taste, color, chemical makeup or consistency of treated water.
  3. Using UV light for disinfection reduces the need for using chemical disinfectants such as chlorine.
  4. UV lamps installed in wastewater treatment facility don’t need much electric power to operate. This reduces your energy bills.
  5. The process of UV light disinfection doesn’t create any by-products.
  6. UV light doesn’t take much time to disinfect. The action of UV light is almost instant rendering the bacteria harmless.

Consider these 2 things before installing UV lamps for wastewater treatment

Amount of water to treated

You need to consider the amount of water you want to disinfect. Since in industries, there will be large amount of wastewater generated, you will need a greater number of UV lamps.

And these UV lamps must be spread across the facility in different spots ensuring the light touches each section of water.

This will ensure efficient disinfection of water.

Install additional filtration system

UV light will only remove bacteria and other microorganisms. However, it will not remove any larger debris such as leaves, fat deposits, dirt and more. So, you need to install an additional filtration system to remove these larger contaminants.

How can Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. help?

We at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. manufacture high-quality UV lamps specifically meant for wastewater treatment. Our UV lamps are made for residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater treatment.

We offer OEM services to our clients to ensure they get UV lamps made to their requirements and application.

Our sales team is always in your reach for product information and any questions you might have.

Contact us now to find out more.

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