Take a Pledge to Save the Environment by Using UV Lamps

Take a Pledge to Save the Environment by Using UV Lamps Header Graphic
Take a Pledge to Save the Environment by Using UV Lamps

Take a Pledge to Save the Environment by Using UV Lamps

World Environment Day went by a few weeks ago on June 5, 2023. The day is associated with celebrating the environment around us and the things it offers us. However, it also includes taking a stock of our actions and their effect on our environment locally and globally.

There is an increasing concern that Earth’s environment is deteriorating as each day passes. And we are already seeing the effects of the same. Although there are several reasons affecting the environment, major industries around the world are a bigger addition to the same.

Especially, the disinfection process used by the industrial units to sanitize the space before manufacturing products. Most industries use chemical disinfection processes despite having other options, especially UV light for disinfection.

UV lamps have been around for more than 100 years, yet several industries don’t implement this disinfection system. Although UV light for disinfection is considered environmentally friendly, is it though?

We asked our experts and tried to make a case in favor of UV lamps and their disinfection process. Here’s what they had to say.

Highly Effective

Experts started with talking about the effectiveness of UV light for disinfection. They say that UV light for disinfection is highly effective and kills 99.995 bacteria and other microorganisms.

Since UV light for disinfection has high effectiveness, industrial units don’t need to install a secondary system for disinfection with strong chemicals. This immediately ensures that industrial units don’t produce pollutants, get high disinfection, and stay complaint to the latest environmental safety regulations and policies.

No Chemicals

As mentioned above, most industrial units use strong chemicals for disinfection processes. Chemical disinfection produces several secondary chemicals and releases them in nearby water resources. This chemical pollution is harmful to the local floral and fauna along with any human settlement around the water source.

However, using UV light for disinfection doesn’t have such harmful effects. UV lamps don’t produce any secondary chemicals and hence don’t need any release system. UV lamps are popularly used for water, air, and surface sterilization in several industries. This can heavily reduce the environmental impact.

No Environmental Impact

Finally, UV light is naturally available in the atmosphere, and it is nature’s way to disinfect earth’s surface and reduce the number of harmful bacteria.

Hence, UV light for disinfection doesn’t have any harmful effects on the environment. When UV lamps are used, they won’t produce any secondary products. This is especially important if used for water disinfection. The quality, color, and odor of water doesn’t change when disinfected using UV light. Similarly, when sterilizing air, UV light doesn’t produce any other by-products in the atmosphere. Hence, offering no environmental impact.

Bottom Line

Industries must reduce their environmental impact. One of the ways to do so is by installing UV lamps for disinfection.

It’s never too late to take a pledge to save our environment. Switch to UV lamps with us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. We offer you a wide range of UV lamps and OEM manufacturing of the same to ensure disinfected environments in industrial units.

We also work with residential and commercial clients too. So, check out our range of UV lamps or contact our team for OEM services. 

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