Sterilize UV Units to Get Effective UV Light for Disinfection

Sterilize UV Units to Get Effective UV Light for Disinfection Header Graphic
Sterilize UV Units to Get Effective UV Light for Disinfection

Sterilize UV Units to Get Effective UV Light for Disinfection

Jul 14th 2023

Installing a UV unit in your home can be highly advantageous. This can reduce the risk of potential water contamination and associated diseases. However, it is important to sterilize the outlets where UV treated water comes inside your house whether it is a tap, shower, or any other water outlet.

What does it mean to be “point-of-use” technology?

You might already know that UV light for disinfection from UV units is a “point-of-use” technology. This means that UV lamps emitting UV light for disinfection will sterilize the water only when it is in contact with the water. Once sterilized and out of the UV unit, this sterilized water will be prone to contamination if it comes in contact with any fungal or bacterial elements.

Hence, it is essential to sterilize and clean your water outlets, be it taps, shower or any other water outlet.

So, how do you sterilize your water outlets and associated pipework to ensure you get disinfected water from your UV unit to the point of usage?

Here are the things you will need and the steps you need to take.

Things You Will Need

  1. Tools to help remove the filter housing
  2. A fully functional UV unit that is switched off during cleaning
  3. Bleach or Milton’s sterilizing fluid (#notsponsored)
  4. 1 hour of your time

Steps to Sterilize the UV Unit

  1. Switch off your water supply. Since we will remove the filter housing, you wouldn’t want water to pour on yourself.
  2. Remove the filter housing. Take a cup of Milton’s sterilizing fluid or bleach and pour it in. Put the filter housing back on.
  3. Turn on your water supply.
  4. Make sure to open the pipework you are sterilizing. This will help the sanitizer to work through the pipe efficiently.
  5. Once the sterilizing fluid has circulated in the pipework, switch off the tap and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. This is the time when the sterilizing fluid will work its action to sterilize different parts of the pipework.
  6. If you are treating multiple water outlets in your house, make sure to repeat the above steps for each outlet.
  7. Once done, switch on your UV unit.
  8. Let the taps run adequately to remove the Milton’s sterilizing fluid or bleach out of them completely.

Your UV unit and corresponding water outlets are now sterilized and ready to use.

Bleach Vs Milton’s Sterilizing Fluid: Which One is the Best?

Technically, both these fluids work effectively so it is definitely up to your choice. However, certain differences can make one effective over the other.

  1. Having bleach in your house can pose a risk of consumption if you have kids or someone suffering from mental health issues. Consuming bleach can result in fatality. However, it is easier to smell. So, you will know when bleach has been completely removed from the pipework after continuously running water for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Milton sterilizing fluid is difficult to smell but is safe even if consumed by mistake. Consumption of Milton’s sterilizing fluid will not cause adverse health effects; however, we strictly advise against doing so. Now, Milton’s sterilizing fluid is difficult to smell. This makes it easy to determine if the sterilizing fluid has left the pipework after sterilizing.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it!

Now, you know how to sterilize the UV unit and associated pipework. And a quick comparison between bleach and Milton’s sterilizing fluid will better prepare you to choose as per your requirement.

At Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc., we suggest you always keep your UV unit in the best shape to get the sterilization benefits. Apart from sterilizing the UV unit, it is essential to replace the UV lamps and quartz sleeves timely. We offer a wide range of UV lamps and quartz sleeves for UV units of different capabilities meant to sterilize air, water and surface.

Contact our team now to know more.

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