Step-By-Step Guide for Replacing UV Lamp for Water Treatment

Step-By-Step Guide for Replacing UV Lamp for Water Treatment Header Graphic
Step-By-Step Guide for Replacing UV Lamp for Water Treatment

Step-By-Step Guide for Replacing UV Lamp for Water Treatment

Feb 24th 2023

Do you have a water treatment system using a UV lamp?

If so, you might want to read this blog post because we will talk about when you should replace the UV lamp for water treatment. Moreover, we will also tell you stepwise instructions for replacing the UV lamp for water treatment.

UV lamps are important to disinfect any microorganisms such as bacteria, fungal spores, viral particles, and more in the water making it healthy to consume. UV water treatment systems are used in residential and commercial spaces. The only difference is the size of UV water treatment systems and the number of UV lamps used in those systems.

Other than that, the time to replace the UV lamps and the steps to replace them are the same for all the UV treatment systems despite their size.

So, When Should You Replace the UV Lamp for Water Treatment?

UV lamps in the water treatment systems must be replaced in 12 months.

Most standard UV lamps available in the market run for 9,000 hours or 12 months. So, replacing them once this limit is crossed is essential. Moreover, UV lamps don’t fuse or burn out, instead, they solarize.

Solarization causes UV lamps to lose their ability to emit UV light wavelength by 60%. This makes the lamp ineffective to disinfect the water and kill harmful organic particles like bacteria, viruses, and more.

Hence, you must replace the UV lamp for water treatment as soon as it has crossed 9,000 hours or 12 months.

Step-By-Step Guide for Replacing UV Lamp for Water Treatment

To replace a UV lamp for water treatment, you will need to buy a new replacement UV lamp, latex gloves, and O-rings.

And now, you need to follow these steps.

  • Start by Turning Off the Water Supply. Also, remember to close any open faucets to avoid water running in the treatment system.
  • Pressure must be Released from the Cartridges. So, press the pressure button to do so.
  • You Might Hear a Warning Alarm. To shut it off, cut the power supply.
  • Cool the UV System. It might be warm, so don’t touch it to avoid burning of hands. Let it cool down.
  • The Safety Cap must be Removed Carefully. Squeeze the caps to remove the safety cap. Make sure the wires are still connected.
  • Lamp Plug Removal. Keep the strain relief wires connected while removing the lamp plug.
  • Wear Latex Gloves. To avoid the contact of skin and its oils with the UV lamp, make sure to wear latex gloves. This will help you avoid any kind of damage to the lamp and your skin. 

  • Remove the Sleeve/Lamp Unit. Carefully remove the sleeve/lamp unit from the chamber along with the sleeve bolt.
  • UV Lamps Unscrew. Hold the sleeve bolt and unscrew the UV lamp.
  • Sleeves Unscrew. Start by unscrewing the sleeve bolt. Remove the o-rings to remove the quartz sleeve.
  • Replace or Clean the Quartz Sleeve. This is the step where you can clean the sleeve or replace it with a new quartz sleeve. Most quartz sleeves must be replaced in 2-3 years. You can read our previous blog on the same.
  • Insert O-Rings. Once the sleeve is cleaned or replaced, insert new o-rings. Screw the bolt and tighten it.
  • Install or Replace the UV Lamp. Make sure to insert the new UV lamp for water treatment in the quartz sleeve. Make sure not to tighten the bolt too much to avoid breaking the quartz sleeve.
  • Secure the Lap/Sleeve Assembly Carefully. Just as you removed the sleeve/lamp assembly, use the same method to secure it back into its place.
  • Align Connections. Rotate the ring clamp to install the lamp plug.
  • Put the Plug and Safety Cap. Just as you removed them in the initial steps, carefully plug them back into the UV lamp for water treatment.
  • Let the Water Flow in the System. Turn on the water supply and all the faucets to let the water flow into the system.
  • Check for Leaks. Make sure to check for any water leaks in the system.

Most UV lamps for water treatment can be replaced using this step-by-step guide. However, make sure to read the user manual provided by the water treatment system manufacturer to ensure the right steps are followed.

Although it might seem like too much when you want to replace a UV lamp for water treatment system. But over time you will learn and understand the process of replacing UV lamp for water treatment effectively.

To buy new replacement ultraviolet lamps for your water treatment systems, you can get in touch with us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. right away. We provide a wide range of UV replacement lamps for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal water treatment systems.

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