Ozone UV Light Lamps Benefits You Should Know

Ozone UV Light Lamps Benefits You Should Know Header Graphic
Ozone UV Light Lamps Benefits You Should Know

Ozone UV Light Lamps Benefits You Should Know

Jan 13th 2023

What comes to your mind when anyone says ozone? You might immediately think of the ozone layer protecting the earth from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

Ozone Layer Production

Ozone is produced by a process called photolysis. When ultraviolet rays hit the oxygen molecule (O2), it splits into singular oxygen molecules. This singular oxygen molecule attaches itself to other oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone (O3).

Once ozone is formed, it creates a layer around the Earth’s atmosphere and protects it from UV damage.

Ozone UV Lamps

Ozone UV Light Lamps at 185 nm

It is not impossible to create the same effect in our indoor spaces. By using ozone UV light lamps, you can create ozone protection in your indoor spaces.

Ozone UV light lamps emit a light wavelength of 185nm. This wavelength activates the process of photolysis in oxygen molecules in your indoor space generating ozone. These ozone molecules can reach different parts of the house through the air, causing disinfection.

Ozone UV Light Lamps Benefits

Ozone UV light lamps have several benefits for indoor spaces. Here are a few benefits to get you started.

  • Mercaptans, sulfides, ammonia and more such contaminants are present in your indoor spaces due to the usage of chemicals and appliances. These contaminants can cause severe health hazards on prolonged exposure.
  • Ozone UV light lamps can help you eliminate or neutralize these contaminants effectively.
  • If you have air purifiers with UV germicidal features at 254 nm, you can also combine them with ozone UV light lamps for ozone sterilization. This can provide you with additional deodorizing effects.
  • As mentioned above, newly created ozone molecules can be carried through the air into different rooms in your indoor space. Hence, installing it with an HVAC system allows you to exploit this feature. When your HVAC system circulates air in your indoor space, it can carry the generated ozone molecules for disinfection and deodorizing the spaces effectively.
  • Ozone UV light lamps also find their application in water sterilization. Whether it is drinking water purification, hot tub spas, pools, aquaculture, water treatment systems, wastewater management, and more commercial water sterilization requirements, ozone UV light lamps can be installed for effective sterilization and purification. Ozone can disinfect a wide spectrum of bacterial and viral particles. However, the most important benefit of using ozone UV light lamps is the disinfection of protozoa such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and more. Protozoa are usually not killed by chlorine. Hence, ozone UV light lamps can be helpful.

Ozone UV Lamps

Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. Ozone UV Light Lamps

At Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc., we provide a wide range of ozone UV light lamps. Our VH (ozone-producing) light lamps range include T5 ozone lamps, T6 ozone lamps, single-pin ozone lamps, and specialty base ozone lamps.

Our ozone lamps find their application in air sterilization in spaces such as commercial restaurants, wastewater management plants, and kitchens. With us, you can find 2 types of ozone UV light lamps. One type of ozone UV light lamp produces a wavelength of only 185 nm. The other type is known as spliced UV lamps producing an alternating wavelength of 254nm/185nm. This can be set according to the requirements of our clients.

So, to procure ozone UV light lamps for your residential, commercial, and industrial indoor spaces, contact us at Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. now.

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