Install UV Lamps in Kitchen Exhaust System to Reduce Grease Buildup

Install UV Lamps in Kitchen Exhaust System to Reduce Grease Buildup Header Graphic
Install UV Lamps in Kitchen Exhaust System to Reduce Grease Buildup

Install UV Lamps in Kitchen Exhaust System to Reduce Grease Buildup

Mar 24th 2023

UV lamps are used in different spaces to sterilize the air, water, and surfaces. For example, they are used in hospitals, offices, homes, water treatment plants, industries, and more.

However, UV lamps have applications other than sterilization. UV light can also eliminate odors and avoid grease build-up. This can be detrimental to commercial kitchens and restaurants.

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Hence, installing UV lamps in the kitchen exhaust systems in commercial kitchens and restaurants is essential to create a healthy and safe working environment.

How Do UV Lamps Work in Kitchen Exhaust Systems?

UV lamps emit UV light once installed in the kitchen exhaust system. The exhaust systems absorb the odors and grease molecules resulting in the buildup. The UV light breaks down these grease molecules using two processes.


This process involves the breakdown of molecular bonds by photons. When UV lamps are switched on in the kitchen exhaust system, the photons hit the oxygen molecules breaking them into singular oxygen atoms.

These singular oxygen atoms react with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.


The ozone molecules formed by photolysis bind to the grease molecules. This breaks down the organic compounds in the grease molecules and converts them into smaller molecules that are easy to mitigate.

Most times, these byproducts are water and carbon dioxide which are harmless and can easily be removed from kitchen space through the exhaust.

What Are the Benefits of Using UV Lamps in Kitchen Exhaust Systems?

Using UV lamps in kitchen exhaust systems has several benefits for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Some of them include the following:

Reduce grease build-up

Commercial kitchens and restaurants cook food in large quantities causing grease buildup in the exhaust. This can affect the efficiency of the exhaust system over time. Using UV lamps helps reduce the grease build-up, thus prolonging the life of the exhaust system.

UV lamps for odor removal

Remove odors

Strong odors and gases are produced in kitchens. This can affect the breathing ability of people working in the kitchen. It can also cause some respiratory illnesses. UV lamps help remove these odors creating a breathable environment in the kitchen.

Spend less on maintenance and cleaning

Kitchen exhaust systems require regular maintenance and cleaning. However, it can be costly if you have to do it frequently.

Installing UV lamps in the kitchen exhaust system helps you reduce grease buildup thus reducing the need for frequent maintenance and cleaning routines.

Bottom Line

UV lamps have uses and applications more than just sterilization. It is especially true for commercial kitchens and restaurants where UV lamps can be fitted in exhaust systems to reduce grease buildup.

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