4 Things to Know to Use UV Germicidal Lamp Safely

4 Things to Know to Use UV Germicidal Lamp Safely Header Graphic
4 Things to Know to Use UV Germicidal Lamp Safely

4 Things to Know to Use UV Germicidal Lamp Safely

Apr 10th 2023

UV germicidal lamp is known to sterilize and sanitize air, water, and surfaces effectively to ensure safety and hygiene.

The demand for UV lamps has increased after the pandemic as most people want to ensure there are no harmful microorganisms in the vicinity such as in their house, office, or commercial space.

UV Lamps for Sanitization

UV germicidal lamp has several benefits other than sanitization. It provides chemical-free sanitation along with being environmentally friendly. And it requires minimal effort to sterilize a space effectively.

Although UV lamps are absolutely safe to use, you must use them cautiously. Here’s what you should do to ensure proper and cautious usage of a UV germicidal lamp in your house, office and commercial space.

Get familiar with the user manual

Just like any other appliance that comes with a user manual, the UV germicidal lamp you buy also comes with a user manual. And it will be in your best interest to read the user manual.

You can find answers to critical questions such as how to switch on or off the device. How to change the wavelength on the device? Is the UV lamp sufficient to sanitize the room size effectively? How to adjust the UV lamp according to your needs?

Knowing answers to these questions will ensure you use the UV lamps efficiently without any damage to the device or to you.

Perform a trial

Once you have read the user manual, it is time to perform a trial of the UV germicidal lamp device.

You need to find the right location for the device. Since light is blocked by items such as wood, you must keep your furniture away from the device. Find a location in your house that can offer you maximum coverage for the device.

Once you have the right location, install the device, and switch it on to check if it’s working properly.

Observe the sanitization time

Based on the sanitization time, you will find different types of UV lamps on the market. Hence, you need to observe and note the sanitization time. Also, UV lamps will not only sanitize the surface but also the air around the room.

Hence, you must take a few precautions. For example, make sure there is no one in the room when the UV lamps are switched on (not even your pets). You can find UV germicidal lamp devices with built-in timers. This way it can self-adjust to switch on and off after the required sanitization time.

You will also find UV germicidal lamp devices with built-in lead timers. This will give you a few seconds to vacate the room before the UV germicidal lamp is switched on.

Knowing the sanitization time for each device will help you make the right choice for your home and office.

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Avoid exposure to your eyes

A new shiny thing in your home can immediately catch the attention of your family and friends. However, with a UV germicidal lamp, this attention can be harmful to the eyes of the viewer.

Looking at UV light with the naked eye can be dangerous and cause damage to the eyes. It can cause eye disorders such as pterygium, cataract, and pinguecula. Hence, avoid exposure to UV light in your eyes.

Bottom Line

Having a UV germicidal lamp in your house, office and commercial space can be highly beneficial to ensure health, safety, and hygiene.

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