3 Ways Lack of UV Lamps Replacement Can Have Adverse Effects

3 Ways Lack of UV Lamps Replacement Can Have Adverse Effects  Header Graphic
3 Ways Lack of UV Lamps Replacement Can Have Adverse Effects

3 Ways Lack of UV Lamps Replacement Can Have Adverse Effects

Jun 12th 2023

UV lamps are increasingly used for their germicidal effects, especially for water treatments. Whether it is a home, office, restaurant, or any commercial and industrial space, water is a critical component. Maintaining clean water conditions is important to maintain health and safety. Thus, the use of UV lamps for water treatment becomes imminent.

However, one of the common things noticed amongst the user of UV lamps is the lack of maintenance and replacement of UV lamps and quartz sleeves.

It is highly recommended to replace the UV lamps after 9000 hours of operation or after every year. However, several users fail to follow this recommendation and keep using the same old UV lamps for water treatment.

But did you know this can have harmful effects on water treatment?

Here’s how a lack of acute maintenance and replacement of UV lamps can have adverse effects on water treatment.

Rise in the Level of Infections

When you don’t replace the UV lamps after 9000 hours of operation, you risk increasing the infection level in the water.

Old UV lamps can’t disinfect the water as required exposing you, your family, and your customers to potentially contaminated water resulting in diseases on consumption. Since the water is practically just passing through a glass pipe without disinfection, bacterial and viral particles have a chance to proliferate and cause diseases.

Loss of Effectiveness

UV lamps contain beads of mercury. This mercury is responsible for producing germicidal UV wavelengths used to treat water.

Mercury beads produce UV germicidal wavelengths when heated due to electric current. Over time, i.e., after 9000 hours of operation or in one year, mercury beads lose their ability to produce UV germicidal light. Thus, losing its effectiveness in disinfecting water.

Unclean water

UV lamps for water treatment provide you protection from harmful microbial organisms. They help you maintain health and safety, eventually helping you save on hospital bills.

However, when you fail to replace the UV lamps, you lose this protection leaving you, your family, and your customers exposed to a host of infections transmitted through water. Therefore, you must replace the UV lamps on time to ensure the water treatment process completes efficiently and offers you clean water.

Bottom Line

Water treatment using UV lamps is essential to ensure protection from microbial infections and diseases. However, it is also crucial to replace UV lamps after one year or 9000 hours of operation to ensure full functionality of the water treatment system.

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