10 Steps to Clean the Quartz Sleeve of UV Lamps

10 Steps to Clean the Quartz Sleeve of UV Lamps Header Graphic
10 Steps to Clean the Quartz Sleeve of UV Lamps

10 Steps to Clean the Quartz Sleeve of UV Lamps

Feb 17th 2023

Do you have a UV lamp for water treatment at your home, commercial or industrial unit?

If so, you might want to stick around and read this blog post, as it will be helpful in the maintenance of the UV lamps used in the water treatment system. 

Quartz Sleeve of UV Lamps

Parts of any UV lamp for water treatment

Although we have described the different parts of a UV lamp in our previous blog, we will give you a quick rundown.

  1. UV reactor or chamber houses one or more UV lamps for disinfection.
  2. A UV lamp is the most important part that emits UV wavelength for disinfection in water or air.
  3. UV quartz sleeve protects the UV lamp in the UV reactor or chamber.
  4. Lastly, a control unit that provides power to the UV lamp.

All these parts are highly important to ensure the adequate functioning of the UV lamp for water treatment or air sterilization.

Let’s talk more about Quartz Sleeve

Now, you will find several posts about UV lamps; however, not much about quartz sleeves. But this is one of the most important parts of the UV lamp for water treatment as protects the UV lamp.

Now, you might already know that water usually has minerals and salts. Without the quartz sleeve, these minerals and salts will deposit on the UV lamp and affect its overall function of emitting the right UV wavelength for disinfection.

Hence, the quartz sleeve acts as a protection layer from minerals and salts along with the flow of water during disinfection.

Cleaning of the Quartz Sleeve

Unlike UV lamps which require replacement at least every 12 months, quartz sleeves can be cleaned and replaced in 2-3 years. Cleaning of quartz sleeves is important to remove the contaminant buildup. If not cleaned, this buildup will affect the UV transmission and disinfection of water over time. You can clean the quartz sleeve every few months or when you replace the UV lamp.

Quartz Sleeve of UV Lamps

Steps to Clean Quartz Sleeve

  1. Close the water supply going to the UV system for water treatment. Depressurize the system by opening a tap in the house, commercial or industrial space.
  2. Switch off the power. Shut the alarm that goes off as a warning.
  3. Let the UV system cool down for a few minutes. Don’t touch the UV system if it's hot or warm.
  4. Squeeze the tabs carefully to remove the safety cap or protective cover.
  5. Let the strain relief wires stay connected while you remove the lamp plug.
  6. Wear clean gloves while removing the UV lamp and Quartz sleeve. Wearing gloves ensures the oils from your skin don’t damage the lamp and sleeve.
  7. Remove the complete assembly of the lamp and quartz sleeve along with the sleeve bolt.
  8. Hold the sleeve bolt while you unscrew the UV lamp.
  9. Remove the sleeve bolt along with the O-rings to dismantle the sleeve.
  10. Use a soft cloth dipped in vinegar or any weak acid to clean the sleeve. Avoid using an abrasive cloth or towel to avoid scratching.
  11. Once the quartz sleeve is cleaned, you can assemble the system again and start using your UV lamp for water treatment.

As mentioned above, you can clean the quartz sleeve every few months or when you replace the UV lamp. You must replace the sleeve every 2-3 years.

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