In Duct Air Purifier Low Voltage 2 Year Single Lamp with Magnet

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In Duct Air Purifier Low Voltage 2 Year Single Lamp with Magnet

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Brand: LSE Lighting® - Ultimate MUST HAVE UV AIR Purification System

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light System for Heating and Cooling Systems

Improves Life of HVAC and Coil System

Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP): protects the A/C system from electrical overload

6ft Lamp cord and 5ft from the ballast to the transformer.

14" UV Ultraviolet Germicidal lamp; Magnetic bracket for easy installation

(SKU: UltimateAIRUV)

24 volt (vac) Power supply! (needs to be hard wired to 24V transformer)

UltimateAIR Ultraviolet system is designed to destroy and prevent and other microbial growth on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas. UVC

Germicidal Coil Cleaner with magnetic bracket for easy installation. Destroys & their associated odors on the coil Improve energy efficiency.

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