G36T5L UV-C T5 Ultraviolet Linear Light Bulb

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Description of G36T5L UV-C T5 Ultraviolet Linear Light Bulb

Brand: LSE Lighting®

  • Super economical efficiency use
  • Super Life of 12,000 hours
  • Our lamps Do not contain any liquid form of mercury
  • Full 2 year warranty
  • Quality Guaranteed

This lamp is 100% compatible with the following models:

  • American Ultraviolet CE-36, CE-36-2, DB36, GML005, RT-2G/2CW27M, RT-2G/2CWE, RT-2G/SCW277, RT-36-2GE, RT-36-2GM,RT-36-4GE, RT-36-4GM, SC-1, SM-36-L, TB-36-W, WM-36-L
  • Aquafine CSL4R, CSL6R, CSL8R, CSL10R, CSL12R, DWS12, DWS15, DWS24, PVCL1, 3084, DW400
  • MP36A, MP36B, MP36C, Sanitron S37A, S37B, S37C
  • ATS FTUV15, ATS-15, ATS-8-246, DWS-12, DWS-15, DWS-24, DWSW-12, SE-15, SE-24
  • Crystal Clear Martin Water CMP36, CUV15, CUV15E, CUV24E
  • Eiko G36T5L, GE 15874, G36T5, Glasco 1642, 2460
  • Ideal Horizons 11001, 12012, 12003, 12008, SH-15, SHE-15
  • Lancaster Pump 7-L8-246, Philips Lighting 292672, TUV36T5/SP
  • Photoscience Japan 7330SWA, 7330WS, Port Star PW8, Pura PW2
  • Siemens 3084, LP4040, ZCSPL3084
  • Sunlight 3084, LP4040, ZCSPL3084
  • Ultra Dynamics 7008-246, DW9
  • Ultraviolet Purification EP8, L300040
  • Water Gem 12012, Water Master WG-15S, 15S, WG-15D, Wedeco 11001, 05-1343-R

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Bulb Type:
Germicidal UV Ultraviolet Lamp
Base Type:
T5 Single Pin on each End
33.30 inches (843mm)
0.61 inches
Super Life:
12,000 hrs


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