GPH846T6VH/HO/4PSE High Output 80W T6 Germicidal Lamp #025080

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Description of GPH846T6VH/HO/4PSE High Output 80W T6 Germicidal Lamp #025080

Our High Output Germicidal lamp perfectly made to fit Emperor Aquatics 80W SMART HO UV model. This lamp (20080) replaces 025080 models.

High output (HO) Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV)lamps are similar in size and shape to conventional germicidal lamps but are capable of operating at higher input power and current which is required for many widely used appliances. They are used in forced air duct systems, water disinfections applications. We also do carry them in HO ozone producing type which are largely used in odor control and photochemical models and unit applications for residential and commercials unit models.


Bulb Type:
T6 Style Quartz Glass
Base Type:
4pin ONE END
Approx. 33 1/2 inches
Approx. Lamp Current:
Life Cycle:
9,000 hrs
UV Output at 254nm uW/cm2 (3)


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